Donna barnes life and dating coach

If you do, however, be honest — tell him or her you hadn’t known you were exchanging gifts, but that you’d love to get them one, too.It’s much better than pulling a random bottle of wine or discarded candle from your closet and passing it off as a present.

The market for self-help books about love and sex is seemingly insatiable. Life and relationship coach Barnes cleverly combines the two genres into one book that outlines the steps to maintain healthy bodies and healthy relationships.

The author extends this conceit all the way through the book, expounding upon emotional “Food Poisoning,” “Between-Meal Snacks” (rebound relationships) and “Forbidden Fruit.” Although her numerous quizzes may strike readers as a bit trite, her food metaphors are so original that they give renewed taste to stale concepts.

Barnes isn’t a nutritionist, but her health and diet tips are common-sensical and avoid the didactic tone of many diet books.

If you’re at a Greek restaurant, opt to eat meze-style, with small, healthy plates like grilled octopus and a Greek salad. If you start to feel self-conscious or think your date’s not fully engaged, ?

’” RELATED: The Restaurant Survival Guide So you’ve had dinner and two drinks, but you don’t want to go home yet. ’ tell them, ‘I’d love to spend more time with you, but I’d prefer water,’” says Barnes. But if you find a keeper who is worth that third glass of wine, enjoy the moment.

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