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If you do not see the product you want to deploy listed here, you must first check in that product’s package.

Mc Afee e Policy Orchestrator delivers a coordinated, proactive defense against malicious threats and attacks.

System Compliance Profiler for Microsoft security patches The System Compliance Profiler allows administrators to easily verify enterprise-wide system compliance, including the presence of Microsoft security patches.

Profiling is based on rules, customised by the administrator, or templates downloaded from Network Proactive assessment Now a standard part of the e PO solution, Mc Afee Threat Scan provides administrators with a powerful network-based scanner to proactively search for system vulnerabilities.

Using an intelligent design of distributed repositories that puts none of the burden on the server, e PO spreads all updating throughout the network, keeping bandwidth usage low and performance high.

Updates include Mc Afee Security DATs, engines, service packs, extra DATs, hot fixes, or patches, all of which can be deployed manually or automatically.

Global updating initiates an update only if new packages for the components specified here are checked in to the master repository or moved to another branch. Selecting a package type determines what initiates a global update (not what is updated during the global update process).

Agents receive a list of updated packages during the global update process.

Enterprise updating Mc Afee e PO¿s powerful updating technology gives administrators the visibility and flexibility they need to maintain complex enterprise systems.Features/Pros: Mc Afee Complete Data Protection Advanced provides a full disk encryption solution using Mc Afee-implemented encryption, Apple’s File Vault native encryption systems or through Microsoft’s Bit Locker with pre-boot two factor authentication. Each client update occurs at a randomly selected time within the randomization interval, which helps distribute network load.The agents use this list to install only updates that are needed. If there are requirements in your environment to test new packages before deploying them throughout the production environment, Mc Afee recommends using the Evaluation branch whenever checking in packages.Once you finish testing the packages, you can move them to the Current branch by clicking — When selected, moves packages in the master repository from the Current branch to the Previous branch when a newer package of the same type is checked in.

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