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I no he died in 1844, he married Elizabeth Enright in 1843 , had son William in 1844.

I also no that he ran The Plough Inn from 1841 till 1843.

All Nations Hotel There is a very slim chance that the policeman mentioned, waiting for the Cobb & Co coach, may well be him! One of the newspaper clippings (from that wonderful NLA website) dated 1865, cites him at the time, as a constable who performed the duties of mail guard on the Mudgee Road.

Diane, I'm one of those poor unfortunates who has researched close families off & on for 10 years, but am only now going through the horror of truly collating the material, to form a cohesive storyline......

Delman claims modern-day Turks also have government-enforced surnames.

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Prussion and Russian Jews were denied citizenship if they did not abide by the rule.We only have oral history on Theresa being that she was a midwife that worked in Gulgong, Gulargambone etc.We can find her birth certificate but no registration of death although oral history says she died in 1977. He was a policeman for at least 11 years in the Western district, who moved on to mining and then farming.Up until that point, most Filipinos had a single name, which made it difficult to operate a bureaucracy.Delman said Claveria released a catalogue of names for families to be assigned a surname, which was enforced by the education system and local parish priests.

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