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They might tell you or your kids or grandchildren to perform acts on video, or else.

This happens every day, including in 2013 to Miss Teen USA. Here's how these hackers are taking over home webcams.

Cassidy Wolf's hacker secretly took control of her webcam for months. What would you do if a hacker was watching you on your webcam? They're infecting your computers with malware called Remote Access Trojan (RAT), which turns on your webcam. Many hackers then go to You Tube to teach thousands of would-be hackers how to do the same thing.

He ultimately demanded that she do whatever he told her to, or he'd post her private videos. You Tube has a strict policy against posting types of videos.

Wardle also released a free tool called Ransom Where?

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But there's a dark side to You Tube's educational videos.

Evil-minded hackers are teaching countless people how to remotely invade your home, and secretly record your intimate moments.

Wardle is scheduled to present his new findings at the Virus Bulletin conference in Denver later today, along with his research demonstrating how malware could easily piggyback on your legitimate webcam sessions to keep its spying activity hidden.

Yes, piggybacking legitimate webcam sessions initiated by you.

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