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Also we have modern classrooms, studies, well-equipped laboratories with personal computers where we can study different subjects: microeconomics, macroeconomics, Business Economics and other.

In a day we usually have 3 classes which last 1 hour and 30 minutes between the classes we have a break 30 minutes.

Also we have two hostels, large book-stock at our library with a lot of texe-books, books and magazines. Economics as a science is the social science studying the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Things which are necessary for survival are called needs.

There is also a reading hall where students can study. After graduation from the University we shall receive a degree of specialist in state finence, finency of enterprises and other. I think that I made my choice to enter this higher University because 80% of graduates get a job on their specialy. Someone rest in the country, other travel, and go abroud. And it is impotant to know, that passing Customs Control, has its own rules. Today I will have lectures on "Basic category of the economy." In this lesson we will, discuss these basic economic categories as: demand, supply, gross national product, profit, factors of production, economic system, needs and wants. Things which are not necessary for survival but which add comfort and pleasure to our lives are called wants. All economic activities taken together make up the economic system of a town, a country or the world.

Supply is the producers ability and willingness to provide goods or services on a particular date at a given price.

Demand is the amount of goods or services that consumers are willing to purchase on a given date at a given price.

I used simplified procedure or "green" corridor, because I did not carry explosives, narcotics, psychotropic, toxic potent substances and drags, radioactive materials, antiques and arts, musical instruments, flora fauna and thair parts and products, any goods. The airport workers were very nice and friendly to the people and to me to. The resourses of a society are known as its factors of production and include land,labour, capital (money, machines, tools, buildings), and entrepreneurs (people who develop new ways to use economic resources).

Wherever you're working the accounting of material values, stocks and other things are needed.Ukraine is situated in the Central part of Eastern Europe, it has a very favorable position on the development of its infrastructure, because a lot of ways.The modern economic system of Ukraine is in a transitive phase of the development from command economy to new system of managing – models of market economy.This university has three buildings in the centre of the city, also already under construction the fourth building. The students may use the information from local and global computer networks. My name is Sergiy, and I want to present foreign investor with the economic system of Ukraine.Let me tell you first of all about the geographical position of Ukraine.

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