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DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA, to wit: Be it Remembered, That on the eighteenth day of September, in tiie »#***##* forty-first year of the Independence of the United States of Ame- % % nca, A. 1816, Benjamin Coles, of the said district, hath de- * ^'^' * posited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof he ###*###« claims as proprietor, in the words following, to wit: " The History of Missions, or of the Propagation of Christianity among the " Heathen, since the Reformation. The Author, however, has deeply to regret, that, even with regard to the propagation of Christianity by the Re- formed Churches, his work is, in some instances, materi- ally defective. My heart was somewhat pleased with the prospect, hoping I might then be in more comfortable circumstances than before; yet I was never fully determined, never quite satisfied with the thought of being confined to one place.

Besides, the Roman Catholic missions have been so numerous, so extensive, and of such long standing, that, had the Author included them in his plan, the work, instead of consisting of two, would have extended to five or six volumes; a circumstance which would probably have excited no slight feeling of repugnance in the minds of most of his readers. " Having apprehended for several days, that it was the design of Providence I should settle among my people, I had in my own mind begun to make provision for it, and to contrive means for furthering it.

These things he is sensible require an apo- logy; but, in fact, they were in a great measure unavoid- able in the present state of our information, relative to the propagation of Christianity among the Heathen. They who engage in it with hearts congenial with the temper of the gospel of Christ, give " Glory to God in the highest^ on earth peace, and good- will to men." They will not only share the honor, but eventually the reward of "workers together with him." He who becomes instrumen- tal of saving only one soul from endless misery, does more for man than if he should give him a kingdom, or the world; " for what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world and lose himself, or be cast away.^" The cause of missions rises in importance as we contemplate the value of the human soul, for it brings to the nations, sitting in dark- ness and in the shadow of death, the knowledge of the salvation of the souls of men; and it becomes still more important from the considera- tion, that it brings the knowledge of this salvation as emanating from \ the source of uncreated wisdom and goodness; and as the only ivay (that sinful men can be restored to the favor of God, consistently with his veracity, and the demands of his violated law. A very- flourishing academy was also established at Colombo, con- sisting of three different classes of young men, Cingalese, Malabar, and European. I saw, at the same time, so much of the excellency of Christ's kingdom, and the infinite importance of its extension in the world, that it swallowed up every other consideration, and made me not only willing, but even rejoice, to be a pilgrim or a hermit in the wilderness to my dying moment, if I might by this means promote the interest of the Redeemer.

In other instances, there is a considerable disproportion in the several parts of the narrative; while some events are detailed at full length, others of equal or greater importance are slightly passed over. THE missionary cause is emphatically the cause of God. ** Proceedings of the Society for Missions to Africii a)ul the East, vol. 28 Propagation of Christianity the schools were re-established; the Dutch ministers resumed the charge of their congregations; several new preachers were educated in the island; and others still better qualified were brought over from the coast of Coromandel. But now this prospect seemed wholly dashed in pieces, not of necessity but of choice; for it ap- peared to me, that the dispensations of Providence toward me, had fitted me for a life of solitude and hardship; it seem- ed to me I had nothing to lose, nothing to do with earth, and consequently nothing to sacrifice by a total renunciation of it; it appeared to me quite right that I should be destitute of house and home, and many comforts of life, w^hich I re- joiced to see others of God's people enjoy.

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These in all ages, desti- tute of divine revelation, have only left man where they found him, " dead in trespasses and in sins." The most they have been able to do, is, to raise an altar, and inscribe on it " to the unknown GOD." And as to the article of human happiness, they have sought out many inventions to obtain it, but alas, these have proved only as broken cisterns, that will liold no water. By the same returns, it appears that the number of native schools in the British territories amounted nearly to a hun- dred and seventy.^ The country was divided into parishes, in each of which there was a school where the native youth were instructed in reading and writing their own language, and in the principles of the Christian religion; and a similar system of superintendence was exercised over them as under the Dutch government.^ But early in 1803, instructions, in his Majesty's name, were received at Colombo, directing that the annual expense of all the schools on the island should be limited to the sum of 1500/ sterling; and as this was not more than sufficient * Coidiner, vol. I was constrained, yea chose to say, * Farewell, friends and earthly comforts, the dearest of them all, the very dearest, if the Lord calls for it: adieu, adieu! In writing the history of the Danish mission in the East In- dies, it was not in his power to procure the Reports of th^ Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and still less the accounts of that mission which are annually published in Germany ; and as he was anxious not to withhold any information which he did possess, he has, in his account Preface' y of it, indulged in a looseness of narration, by no means consistent with historical precision. This, considering the late frequent depression of my spirits, the need I had of some agreeable society, and my great desire of enjoying opportu- nities of useful study, was not altogether disagreeable to me; and though I still wished to go about far and wide, spread ing the gospel among the benighted Pagans, yet I never had 126 Propagation of Christianity been so willing to settle in any one place for more than five years past as of late. This is particularly the case with respect to the Danish, and several of the Moravian missions. Nevertheless, I seemed to have some freedom in that respect, because the congregation I thought of settling with, was one which God had enabled me to gather from amongst Pagans; for never since I begaia to preach, could I feel any liberty to " enter into other men's labours," and settle in the ministry where the gospel was preached before; but God having made me instrumental in gathering a church from among the Indians, I was ready to think it might be his design, to grant me a quiet settlement and a stated home of my own.In this game zone you'll find a lot of game demos, free game to play online, free arcade game, pool game, word game casino games, football game as well as 2000 , bingo game.Want funny flash movies and videos, best cartoon animations?

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