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Daughter slowly rolls off the car hood as her father and mother get out of the car to greet the mechanic. The large black security guard that had escorted him and Karen to the studio stepped forward, around Mr. Frank Davenport watched, terrified, as the huge black guard walked around and stood to one side of Mrs. The guard made no attempt to touch or influence Karen. Now, seeing those big black cocks pointed at her, seeing the way cocks like those made her daughters behave, all of Karen Davenport’s pent-up sexuality was erupting with a vengeance! A cheer went up in the studio as the Karen Davenport’s resolve collapsed and she declared herself ready to be taken by any black man that wanted her. She shimmied her wide hips a bit as she pushed the waistband over the smooth, round curve of her full, but firm, white ass. She got an ass like a sista and some big ol’ titties! Karen’s “Born-Again” life style didn’t have a prayer! She then leaned forward, opened her mouth, looked across the room and directly into her husband’s eyes, and took a black man’s cock into her mouth for the first time! Her head bobbed up and down on the crewmember’s black cock, every slurping sound she made was like a knife in her husband’s heart. As large as Karen’s breasts were, and as old as she was, there was surprisingly little sag to them. Within minutes of meeting them, you were confronted with their philosophy of black male sexual supremacy, compelled to disavow your marriage, and be fucked by the group’s lead vocalist on live television. “What you think of havin’ three big niggas fuckin yo’ fine white ass at once? She watched Shemar’s big black hands gripping her waist as he continued pushing his thick black shaft up into her stretched asshole. Then Karen’s bra was torn from her body and the men began to take turns fucking her cleavage and mouth.

The husband opens the hood and tries to examine the engine again, but the towering black mechanic gently pushes him aside, taking his place in front of the car. The beautiful redhead’s voluptuous body trembled all over, her pretty white face and ample cleavage now flushing vivid pink. The two naked black men approaching the white wife bumped their fists and laughed. ” Becky cried in joy before taking her black lover’s cock back into her mouth. She bent forward, slowly letting her pants drop down her smooth white legs, and forcing her soft, ample white breasts to strain against the confines of her lacey bra. Why would she hide that under those frumpy-ass clothes? ” The crewmember sneered at Karen’s whimpering husband. “YOUR WIFE IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD HER TO DO, FOOL! Karen reacted to the security guard’s stunt this by pulling her mouth the crewmember’s cock, and gasping, her big blue eyes wide with shock. ” Big Mike slipped his cock from Jessica’s mouth to allow her to answer the question. She watched B-Love’s muscular black ass flexing between her spread white thighs as he thrust his ebony spear in and out of her blonde pussy. While Karen was lovingly entertained her two new friends, a third black Adonis approached the group.

A large pick-up truck with a winch drives up beside the family and parks in front of their car. The two men nodded at one another, took one step forward, counted to three, then dropped their boxers. The fingers at her blouse buttons flinched suddenly, popping one single button, showing off a couple more inches of Karen’s more-than-ample white cleavage. Her husband penis wasn’t half the size of these black men’s penises… Two black penises that weren’t just big, but beautiful, one like rich dark chocolate, the other shining like polished onyx… The conservative wife and mother could feel a powerful sensation of heat spreading over her body, a pronounced excitement she’d not felt in years. Davenport watched, horrified and defeated, as his wife slipped her royal purple blouse off her milky white shoulders. ” Karen Davenport’s nimble white fingers quickly unbuttoned her black slacks. as the big black COCKS that she’d watched swing hypnotically between the muscular thighs of the two black studs that now flanked her nearly-naked body. Never before had she felt a cock so hard and thick as the crewmember’s cock... Placing his hands on hers, the black guard guided Karen into squeezing her quivering snow-white globes around his long black shaft. an exciting development in tonight’s Jessica Mc Farland story! Big Mike walked around the couch, his massive black cock still shooting thick ropes of sticky cum. “B-Love and Tommy have told me a lot about you.” Mike grunted as he slowly began to pump the pretty blonde P. “Pleased to meet you.” “Ssssarah…Davenport…” Sarah moaned, running her small white hands over Big Mike’s muscular black shoulders and back, exploring his body as he began thrusting into her hers. “Looks like your boy Big Mike found a new girl to fuck! Her shoulder-length brown hair was matted with sweat, and was plastered to her face. If that weren’t bad enough, the conservative wife and mother was mortified when she realized that the girl in the pornographic program as her older daughter, Sarah!

The daughter watches him walk toward the family car and smiles. Davenport stepped forward and reached out to grab his wife’s arm, but was immediately stopped a powerful hand that grabbed his shoulder from behind. She had allowed herself to grow accustom to a bland, suburban life. “…AND I THINK I’M ABOUT TO GET THE FUCKING OF MY LIFE!! She thought about the ladies of her book club, the snobby teachers at the prep school where she worked and Becky attended classes, the moms of the other students…Oh God… In fact, she was going to put on a show for them all. Never before had she so wanted to take something into her mouth as she did the huge black cocks that she now stroked in her hand, inches from her face... ” Frank Davenport cried as he watched the two naked studs grope his half-naked wife. ” Frank cried as he saw his wife sink to her knees between the two black thugs with their huge black cocks in her tiny white hands. He saw her wedding ring shine as she pumped his long black shaft. ” Karen stroked the crewmember’s long black shaft in her left hand, staring at it as her wedding ring gleamed on her finger. Karen clearly relished the activity and began to moan immediately. Her full, 40DD breasts shook violently as they were suddenly freed from the confines of their silky prison. ” The guard said, cupping Karen’s heavy white breasts in his large black hands. ” Karen looked up at the security guard and smiled, then started to giggle excitedly. “Earlier tonight you embarked on what you thought would be a straight-forward interview with the controversial rap group ‘Black Phallus’. Jessica kissed the rapper’s neck as he continued thrusting into her sexy white body without missing a beat, even as the two shifted their positions. Jessica didn’t fight him, instead she just groaned with her mouth full of thick black dick. Big Mike took the microphone from Jessica’s hand, allowing Jessica to keep one arm wrapped around B-Love’s neck, while her other hand braced herself against the back of the couch. ” Big Mike chuckled, talking into the hand-held microphone as if he were conducting an interview.. She watched herself on the monitor as she opened her mouth and allowed Big Mike to slip his cock back between her soft pink lips. his hard, mean face smiling cruelly at the pretty blonde anchorwoman. The wet, slurping sound of her mouth sucking Big Mike’s cock echoed through the studio for several seconds before Big Mike acquiesced and let his cock slip from the white anchorwoman’s gasping wet mouth. As her horrified husband watched helplessly from nearby, Karen started to suck and stroke these two stud’s massive black cocks while they groped and squeezed her ample ass and 40-DD breasts. Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Girls / Female, Group Sex, Humiliation, Incest, Interracial, Job/Place-of-work, Male / Female Teens, Male / Females, Male / Older Female, Male Domination, Mind Control E&I EXCLUSIVE - PART ONE: YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT BLACK PHALLUS... She pulled her mouth off Big Mike’s cock only to gasp for air, and scream encouragement at her black lovers. Realizing she was naked, she covered her breasts with her arm, and dropped a hand to cover her pussy. Shemar briefly assessed the scene before him, then took a chair behind the newsdesk. Karen heard every embarrassing question and mocking comment that Jessica put to her, but everything the naked blonde anchorwoman said just seemed to fuel the beautiful redhead’s lust. As she lay back on the desk, legs spread, Karen saw her daughter Sarah being led over by B-Love and Big Mike. ****************************************** The computer screen flickered to life with the image of a blazing sun. She looked around the studio, seeing that the debauched interracial orgy was still going on. The camera following Jessica and Shemar raised slightly, angling to show Shemar’s lap and his twelve inch black erection pointing at the ceiling from behind the news desk’s glass top! Karen dropped one of her hands from B-Love’s cock and pushed it into the waistband of her panties, wantonly rubbing her pussy inside her panties... She let this beautiful, beautiful black thug take what she’d so preciously guarded all her life... The two black rappers guided Sarah over to her mother, turning her to face Karen’s wide spread legs. A small caption appeared in the lower left corner of the screen: “The Wrecker (EXPLICIT) / Artist: Black Phallus / Label: E&I Records”. she could feel B-Love’s massive black balls, heavily slapping against her pussy... Heather felt a pang of jealousy when saw her lover Big Mike fucking her boss Jessica’s mouth. ” Jessica Mc Farland screamed in orgasm, her glowing white body shaking violently as she felt the first powerful jets of hot black cum blasting her mouth, ass, and pussy simultaneously. Shemar grabbed Jessica by the wrist and dragged the giggling blonde ‘journalist’ into his lap. her actions clearly visible to the camera, thanks to the clear glass top of the anchor desk. ” Karen screamed B-Love fucked her breasts faster and faster. She rejected so many men over the years, she resisted, even after becoming engaged to be married... Mike then took a place standing behind Sarah, groping her from behind as the pretty blonde looked down at her naked, vulnerable mother. There is no music at first, just the occasional pluck of a lonely guitar string. It would be more powerful than any of the orgasms they’d given her that night! Still, the scene immediately reawakened her lust and the hand she slowly began to rub her well-fucked pussy with the hand that she had been using to hide it from view. Shemar moaned as he let loose his cum, filling Jessica’s ass with the precious fluid. He just held all twelve inches deep inside her ass and let the cum erupt from his cock, filling Jessica’s ass with the same warm love that she felt deep in her womb. Jessica moaned as Shemar groped her naked white body with his powerful black hands and positioned her where he wanted her, her back to him, the two of them facing camera. At the same time, Karen began more enthusiastically sucking B-Love’s cock, licking the length of the ebony shaft and trying to take as much of it into her mouth as she could as she watched the footage of B-Love fucking Sarah. “BUT I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE FUCKED BY A REAL MAN! B-Love stepped back slightly, allowing Mike to stand Sarah closer to the desk, closer to her mother’s spread legs.

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