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While using, Kara received the highest concentration of messages by far of all the dating sites we've tested.Without fail, Kara received at least one message within the first two- to three-minutes of logging on.Bachelor #2 's basic features were accurately described online, such as height and eye color, but his the personality traits he claimed for himself, such as optimism and friendliness, were just plain wrong.Still, it's probably not reasonable to expect someone to describe themselves as boastful and offputting.South of that menu is a filter system that lets you refine your searches based on age and location.

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Baiting the Rod You begin the POF journey by creating an account and answering questions in the Chemistry section.

These questions assess your personality via five tests—Chemistry, Needs, Psychological, Keeper, Sex—and use the data you feed it to help find a match.

There are a set number of questions, unlike Ok's vast bank of queries, but they don't allow you to type in a statement to clarify a point (one of my favorite aspects of Ok Cupid's personality tests).

In general, this unsophisticated site seemed to have the correspondingly least-sophisticated users among the sites we tested.

Luckily, the site does have a Block User feature, to immediately cut communication with users if needed.

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