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No one was in the gym except himself, it was a public gym in his neighborhood, but the desk guy had to leave early and told Ben to lock up the front door when he's done.

He knew him well enough to trust him and Ben felt like he had enough training for one day.

Her birth name wasn't commonly known but everyone simply labeled her; Charmcaster.

"I'm sooo bored." She muttered bitterly as she sat on her high class chair looking at her orb randomly watching scenes of real live people going about their daily business and switching over to cable television, yes the orb has magical endowment that permit her to watch the premium channels, but Charmcaster wasn't amused at the moment.

How long has it been since she's been crossing paths with them?

The omnitrix was ever present on his left wrist and the boy had his usual simple happy go lucky expression he always wore, it annoyed her.

Ben could feel the energy cuffs disappear from his hands, but he didn't feel like fighting or running.

What he did do was suddenly pull the sorceress to him and looked in her blue eyes before grabbing her head and shoved her head to his where their mouths covered each other again.

"W-well, that was new not every day I get frenched by a hot super villain." She chuckled in somewhat.

"You definitely know how to flatter a girl, but I'm interested in more than flattery, green boy." She said mistily as she magically lifted him to his feet and placed her hands on his chest to feel it. I see working yourself out today worked for the better." She said as one of her hands went underneath his black shirt to feel up his chest.

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