Friends over 40 dating

First I turned to Celia (all names have been changed), a producer in her mid-50s with four kids.

"I would like to be in a real relationship, but I can't quite envision how it would work in my life," she said. I need to know that he somehow has an intellectual interest and likes discussing things — essentially, a smart Jew. All JDate has is a bunch of Israeli contractors who live in Encino; that would be interesting and fun, but not someone who would fit in my life. Nobody has anyone who matches me." I asked Celia if she thought those men who do meet her criteria were being taken by younger women. She also said she sees some "second-chapter gay men who had wives and families — they take away not one guy but two guys from the database.

Obviously there are men out there — Los Angeles isn't a reverse China, where government policies have altered the gender ratios — but if I think of men I know who are between the ages of 40 and 60, who are single, who aren't trolls, who have a job and who aren't guilty of some extreme Hollywood transgression like being a Republican or a nanny-fucker, it isn't a huge number. What's left are a very few — and all of them seem to have a predilection for, and the ability to attract, much younger women.

I don't think any of my female friends anticipated that when they emerged from their failed marriages their pickins would turn out to be so slim and unsatisfying.

Some people want a full on whirlwind romance, others like to take it slow and many people just want companionship or friendship.Also, guys who want an Asian second wife: You come home, they cook you dinner, you get a blow job, and that's it.They sort of serve the same function as the gay guy." So where does that leave her? "I've done the young, athletic stud; I've done the Nigerian doctor. Conversely, I can never think of any men to fix up with my numerous friends who are attractive and successful women in their 40s and 50s. At 51, I'm rigidly set in my ways — some might even say I'm "spectrum-y" — and I have a lot of opinions that don't correspond with those of most people. Yet during periods when I have been single, many people offer to set me up with their attractive and successful female friends.

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