Fun questions to ask on speed dating

While her rap sounds pretty good even with her not-quite-natural voice, asking her to beatbox results in a strange cacophony of commotion that sounds like it was outsourced to a 2007 You Tube Poop video..

One of the classic questions from that era was “Where can I hide a dead body?

After adding it, visit the developer’s website and you can add your own key phrases and responses to Alexa.

For instance, you set Alexa up to say “Flying through the air as a monkey” when you ask “Alexa, tell everyone around what Sam’s thinking about?

” It takes some time to set up, but is a good way to create custom Echo responses.

If you’re labeling a fresh batch of peppers and ask Alexa how “jalapeño” is spelled, she’ll respond: So Alexa is cool with hanging out, but she’s not ready for something more yet.Those seriously considering asking their Amazon Echo out on a date should seek help.Alexa is in the know — mention one of the most popular As it turns out, Alexa is better at rapping than beatboxing.It involves one person working with two subjects through text communication, trying to ascertain which one is the machine and which is human.If you can’t tell the machine apart from the real person, it passes the test.

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