Gay dating under 18

In this case, the girl may be prosecuted by the Gardai as she is 17.

Whether the guards decide to prosecute a criminal offence or not always depends on a number of factors however, such as the circumstances of the case and the evidence at hand.

It can be a defence to show that he genuinely believed she was 17 and legally allowed to have sex.

If the girl is under 15 and the boy is 17 or older, what happens?

It is the same for homosexual and heterosexual sex. This means that under the age of 17, you are not legally old enough to consent to sexual intercourse.We hooked up for the first time at a huge house party I had that was filled with other early- to mid-20s people. But he was handsome, and I knew from friends he was successful — at the time, anything above a yellow basement seemed really appealing. I still don’t understand how people make that kind of money — but at 21, I really didn’t. He indulged me by following Laura Dern around instead of looking at the gardens, which was definitely not the first time she had been stalked by gay men at a garden party.I lived in a cement basement that, for some reason, I had painted yellow. Afterward, we had wine with some of his straight friends. Twenty years after becoming successful, what did it feel like now?If a girl is 15 or 16 and the boy is 17, what happens?A boy aged 17 has reached the age when he can legally have sex.

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