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Their young passion isn't enough for the girl, and she's seduced by Adam's wealthy old boss, as the young man accepts a life of humiliation and voyeurism. Things don't go as planned, and the newlyweds are forced to compromise in many ways.

Barefoot in the 80's part 5, Dan's mother m/F milf Alone and horny, desperate young Adam is seduced by his best friend's mother on a windswept rainy night. 5,900 words m/F, gilf When a teenage American boy goes to Singapore to spend the summer with his dad there, he loses his cherry to, then becomes the willing plaything of a voluptuous old Chinese madame. 6'3 Jane and the midget tailor; 11,100 words M/f, MM/F, cheat Would a short [very short] man really want a [very] tall woman? The second of several Tall Jane Tales A part time limo driver takes the rich man's exotic girlfriend home with him.

This is a really good story, and despite it's length, it keeps moving, in many ways. Readers of my writings will be aware how I love old/young stories.

this is one of the episodes in my life that may explain why. This was a "flash story" written for the asstr anniversary celebration, and is only 500 words long. Luke and Roseanna have been in love with each other since they were children, but they know that they mustn't tell their parents, or even their friends...

I like the emotion of sex; lust is an emotion, and so is love. My stories attempt to invoke emotion in the reader; primarily lust [isn't that why you're here? If you feel horny, angry, wistful, nostalgic, aggrieved, satisfied... New stories are added from time to time, the newest is always at the top of the list [scroll down] I like a lot of variety, and you will find most everything in here, with the exceptions of pedophilia [I do go as young as 14] and bestiality.

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Except for the night she stays with a local woman, for her introduction to the pleasures of lesbian group sex. 7,900 words, story codes; MF, MFF, cheat Lena likes to flirt, and her husband doesn't mind, as long as it doesn't go beyond a nice wet kiss.

Curvaceous fun loving Gerri is surprised when her devout roommate Ruth, dumped by her boyfriend, decides to hook up with an older man she's just met.

Beautiful, young, charismatic Ruth believes in Jesus, prayer, and charity; but not chastity.

The old rules are no longer valid; anything could happen. m/m/f 4,700 words In the late 70's, sexual freedom was the norm; bed hopping and swapping, sharing fluid without condoms...

Adam is an American hippie boy in Spain, trying to find his place in this sexual and emotional malstrom, where his mother's friends are willing and the only girl his age belongs to his best friend.

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