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i can vaguely remember his bursting out of a cake at luna park (1979 i think) to celebrate something to do with the station - monocle and all...

He's been running a removalist business for years now, imaginatively named 'Jones' Taxi Trucks'.

My prime teenage years were the early 70's and 2SM was the only station that existed as far as my friends and I were concerned. I was 43 yo in May this year, so I remember 2SM from it's days in the early 60's as "Top of the Dial, Radio 2SM", with the Beatlemania thing as my earliest 2SM memory.

I have some material that might be of interest, photocopys of the 2SM top 100 song lists from the posters for 1970, 1971, 1972, 1978 and one undated (riddled with Abba songs, 1976? He swapped me a recording of the program for all day 1st January 1974, playing the top 100 of 1973, commercials, news, celeb. Very best regards and once again congrats Debbie for your excellent tribute to a truly ‘REMARKABLE’ radio station. The '70's of course were the best period for SM, with 1978 the standout as you say.

Your passion, clear writing and organisation are a powerful tribute to our mutual time with 2SM.Count on this machine to provide the groomed landscape you've always imagined.It can adapt to all the varying mowing conditions it meets.I'm based in Melbourne, but also started listening to 2SM from the days of 1964 when I heard Mad Mel and Beatlemania whilst on holiday as a 14 y.o. Like you listening to 2NX, 2HD used to relay 2SM late at night, and in those days it was the only way to listen to 2SM in Melbourne, 2SM's 1270 being blasted out by the signal from Melbourne's talk station 3AW at 1280.I was lucky enough to live in Sydney in the last 6 months of 1976, and although I was employed by 87 2GB, 2SM was unquestionably the benchmark which we didn't come close to challenging.

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