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George Rodham, the only Rodham in politics before Hillary's political fame, was the 13th child of Hillary's paternal great-grandparents, Isabella and Jonathan Rodham, from Durham, England.

Hillary's grandfather, Hugh Simpson Rodham, was the eighth-born.

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His son, Donald Rodham, told me that his father ran his political business clandestinely from the backyard of his Scranton home.He was born on November 19, 1889, in the Rodham family's first homestead on U. soil - a drab, wood-frame house at 1103 Blair Avenue, near the coal mines and lace factory where immigrants from Italy, Ireland, Poland and Germany worked.The Rodhams were so poor their home was often flooded and filled with silt when the Susquehanna River overflowed its banks.Obviously, once you get a little bit of politics involved, you could straighten anything out.'The Rodham's Hotel was one of a number of questionable red-light district flea bag hotels, and were popular among Scranton's young bucks – including Hillary's own father, Hugh.A longtime Rodham family friend told me that Hillary's dad, who would run a small drapery business in Chicago after he married Hillary's mother, often reminisced about losing his virginity in one of Scranton's houses of ill-repute.'Hugh used to talk on and on about how sexy the girls were and how they taught him everything he knew about women.

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