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* - version 2.0.3 * - Added validation for external spreadsheet setup.

/** * @name Link Checker * * @overview The Link Checker script iterates through the ads, keywords, and * sitelinks in your account and makes sure their URLs do not produce "Page * not found" or other types of error responses.

Since labels cannot be removed * in preview mode, throws an exception in preview mode. */ function remove Labels(label Names) /** * Validates the provided spreadsheet URL to make sure that it's set up * properly.

Throws a descriptive error message if validation fails.

*/ function get Label(label Name) /** * Checks that the account has all provided labels and creates any that are * missing.

Since labels cannot be created in preview mode, throws an exception * if a label is missing. */ function ensure Labels(label Names) /** * Removes all provided labels from the account.

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