Holly valance dating nick candy

The eldest of her father’s eight children (having split with her mother when Holly and her sister Coco were young, he went on to have six more children from two subsequent marriages), she has been paying her way since she was 12 and remains proudly independent.Warm, funny, self-deprecating and smart, she talks exclusively to YOU about her fear of flying, love of fast cars, thriftiness and how she fell in love with her husband, who ‘may be the boss of everyone else but he’s not the boss of me’. It’s naive to say that sex isn’t a big part of the marketing machine of the business I was in back then.But the girl, or rather woman (now 30), I meet today has finally managed to create a new, totally mesmerising grown-up persona for herself.Meet Holly Candy – not just the wife of property tycoon Nick Candy, 40, one half of the brothers behind One Hyde Park (reputedly the world’s most expensive apartment block, where the couple also live), but also the sharpest, funniest female judge to ever appear on a reality show.

He is cheeky, fun but also has lovely warmth and a genuine innocence.Finally I have what I always wanted – another maniac to come with me. My friends all say I am such a dude, but I feel stronger dressed in jeans or leather trousers and biker boots than I do in a little dress and stilettos. ’ I wouldn’t go as far as to say I would prefer to fly Easyjet but I am happier when I am flying British Airways.once you are a friend of mine you are a friend for life. Some of them I have known for ever – from childhood, from my days in Neighbours and from my time in London during my music career ten years ago. I don’t think he’d pick me as a judge for one of his shows – he doesn’t understand my sense of humour. And I hate pink; Nick bought me a pink scarf the other day. I know all the statistics about how safe it is, but it all goes out of the window when I am 30,000 feet in the air and I think, ‘I am not a bird, I am not supposed to be up here.’ When I recently competed in the Melbourne Grand Prix Celebrity Challenge I didn’t think I could make it.I was so envious of girl bands because they had each other to have fun with and support.I have just got back from five weeks going round the world with Nick.

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