Humilation dating site

My Mistress enters and is followed to my horror by Roger the neighbour from four doors away.

He has a reputation as a womaniser and I actively dislike him because he always seems so confident that he appears to me to be bigheaded.

Without a glance at me or a word of explanation she goes downstairs.My wrists are tied to the back supports and there is a leather strap fastening my chest to the chair back. I was placed here by my wife/Mistress nearly an hour ago with no explanation of what I should expect.Since I have been here I have seen my Mistress shower and dry herself before putting on her best black bra and panties and then her most figure hugging favourite dress.As he enters the room and sees me naked and helpless he actually laughs out loud.After coming into the room fully he takes my Mistress into his arms and they begin kissing passionately and I can see him exploring Her body with his hands.

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