Husband joins dating website

So I said what I'd found and he laughed it off saying he was bored one night and that it doesn't mean anything because he never met anyone or intended to meet anyone.

Kept laughing it off saying I was being silly and that it's called Mates One so it means its just to meet friends "********" and that he lied about being single and having no kids because no one would want to talk to you if you said you were married.

I go on it and see a profile that he's made saying his interests, that he's single and has no kids. it's a minefield, i am so cynical about dating, one guy spun me a whole line about moving out of the family home and i wouldn't meet him, finally established he was lying.

Yesterday I was looking at his phone, not looking for anything particularly just bored, and I found an email from a dating site.

feel for you though xx Well he hasn't paid the fee to read his messages but he was expecting some "love" last night and I refused he doesn't take it very well.

Long story short, I found out 2 weeks a go he is infact married and his wife has a daughter so he is a stepfather. This guy went for walks with me and would visit me at work, call, message - basically he was my boyfriend.

I bluffed it saying I sent a gift to his house then he came clean. The deception is unreal so from your side, I can imagine it's even worse.

I was suspicious this wasn't the case about a month in but silly me didn't really look into it.

Anytime I asked if he was really single he was like yes of course!

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