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Sadly, the young scroats today do not have the same principles.

Not sure how old your lad is, but hope the tube incident didn't spoil his day.

Unfortunately it often takes a few minutes of negative sh!

t like that to tarnish what should have been a memorable away trip.

Home fans are comfy, away fans are there for the crack and usually want to make their mark and let everybody know they are 'the best fans in the country' LOLWhat Evington said. I took Mrs E to the League Cup game there a few years ago.

We were on the second row and there were a couple of to$$ers standing in front of us. Leicester fans were load and proud outside the ground, all the way up to Fulham Broadway station and on the tube too.

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Went to Stamford Bridge twice and most other London grounds, following LCFC in the 1970's & 80's Don't know what era you were going Tartan if you didn't find those trips intimidating, as maintaining your reputation as a top London crew was serious business back then and a weekly challenge for our fans to avoid getting caught up in the aggro.From my London away travel experience Chelsea, West Ham, Millwall, arsenal, Spurs was a trial by fire every visit (you mobbed up, or kept your mouth shut & colours hidden outside the ground)....only QPR, Fulham, Palace, Brentford & Charlton went by relatively without incident Had a minor 'confrontation' with a mouthy,yappy, XXXXXXney git on the way up to Brompton Road tube on Saturday.After the Palace at home game you can see the negatives of playing too regular.Our squad needs to have two decent players in each position and rotate.

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