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We should also note Scott's caveat that this supposed concordance is only apparent via interpretation "within a Biblical framework which includes a global flood ...".As we shall see, it takes considerably more than that to make carbon dating agree with YEC timescales.

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Scott presents some curious and generally incorrect, or at least grossly overstated, arguments to support his beliefs.2700 2600 BCE, Libby reasoned that such an age should represent one half-life of C-14.The C-14 dating indeed produced results which agreed with the established date of the pharaoh's reign.Scott concedes that scientists generally don't use the method for organic remains much older than ~40,000 years, although, had he bothered to check sources beyond YEC's he would have read that in some circumstances age determinations can be made up to ~70,000 years and possibly more with increasingly refined methods such as AMS (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry).(To allow Scott the most beneficial figures for his arguments, let's agree for the moment to an upper limit of detection of ~40,000 years for carbon dating, and the more generous YEC timeframe of a 10,000 year old Earth (although many creation "scientists" tend to prefer the 6,000 year age).

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