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It’s time for side two of Hannah’s tapes, and Clay is still terrified that he’s about to be called out for something that Hannah has declared as cruel. Hannah and Jessica became friends when their guidance counsellor earnestly introduced them.Alas, Clay isn’t side two of the tapes: instead, that honour goes to Jessica (Alisha Boe). As much as they hated that their overly-peppy guidance counsellor was right about their need for friends, the two clicked immediately, and soon they were sharing hot chocolate dates at local coffee shop Monet’s.It’s also an unflinching, realistic look on particularly challenging topics, including rape, suicide, and depression.

But he’s going to — if the late Hannah has anything to say about it.

This is what first attracts Jake to Miley, and with time, Miley begins to realize that she has feelings for him too, even though she refused to admit it at first.

Roxy was insecure about her life, but later learned that she didn't need to be.

Jake's arrival at Seaview causes a big stir among the students who are all big fans of Zombie High and are starstruck at meeting him.

In the season 4 episode "It's the End of Jake As We Know It" Oliver gets a picture text to his phone of Jake cheating on Miley, so Miley confronts Jake during the taping of a Christmas special with guest star Sheryl Crow.

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