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He said he doesn't even want to do his show, never mind her show. Robin said Jimmy hid her in a room there and only Flavor Flav found her. Howard said he loves Flavor Flav but when it's 10-15 minutes from doing the show you don't want to be in a conversation with anyone. Howard said they are experts over there at Mr Howard said they have porn stars Austin Wolf and Johnny V. Robin said Trump is being accused of telling the mother of a soldier who was killed that he must have known what he signed up for.

Howard said he just said ''Yeah we have to do that.'' He said he basically lied about it. He said that Flavor is fine but he needs time to collect his thoughts. She said she saw Mariann from Brooklyn but not Howard. Howard said Ronnie doesn't know how to get rid of anyone. Robin had some audio of a woman talking about how he never showed any compassion for what she was feeling.

George said they have rearranged the room in there. George said that he's saying it the way Hispanic people say it. George said only Gringos say it the way Howard says it. Howard asked if he's producing a film about internment camps. Howard said this is another projects about the internment camps. George said that he did do some stuff with someone consensually. He said that there's almost no woman who hasn't come forward with a story about him.

Howard said he has talked to his kids about stuff like this but maybe not specific stuff. Howard played a clip of Harvey denying it and claiming that it doesn't work that way in Hollywood. Howard said she was laughing about it and said she got up and left. Howard said he has half a dick and a belly and cellulite. He said Harvey allegedly asked women to watch him shower. He said maybe his mom used to bathe him or something. Howard said she was the nicest and most attractive woman. Howard said he counts his lucky stars that Beth is into him. Robin said she thinks there was a lot of pain there with him and everything was about his stature and power. George said there are powerful people who hire people to abuse. Howard said after Rose Mc Gowan came out someone else came out and said that she met with Harvey and he harassed the shit out of her. Howard got back to the brackets and said they have Orlando vs. Howard said you can cut the tension with a cock right now. George said that he's going to go with Michael Fassbender. Howard said that he has to thank Falcon Studios for sending the guys over for them. He said they had to remove and inch backward and they put it all back together and now they call him stumpy. Howard said he thinks they have a new sounder for George. Robin asked Howard if he knows why a penis is called a cock. Robin said they also say there's a term in British slang called Pilcock which means idiot. Robin said the kids may not know it's against the law. Robin said she also talked about a female producer who had her do a nude lineup with other thinner actresses and took pictures to give her an incentive to lose weight.

They had Harvey saying some of the things he said in the press. Robin wondered if the company is going to survive after all of this. Robin said there are people who are asking for their movies back after this. Robin said the company is looking to change its name. Howard kept that up for a few minutes talking about rehab and how he's cured already. Robin read a story about the death toll in Puerto Rico going up to about 450.

Howard asked if George has anything to say to Harvey. Harvey said he is starring in the Bill O'Reilly story so that's why he did what he did. Howard said they say that the brother might have turned him in. George said his brother voted against him to get him out of the academy. Fake Harvey was talking to Robin about Sour Shoes called in as Mad Dog Russo talking about Harvey Weinstein. Robin thanked Howard for suggesting The Avengers to her on Netflix. She said she went back and watched Jessica Jones and she liked it after watching it a second time. Robin said two members of congress are asking for an audit of the death toll which was 48.

He said he's going to pick out the greatest celebrity cock of all time. Howard asked if the character had something to do with an internment camp. Howard said here were Japanese American internment camps. George said the episode was written by this Keith guy and some of the events in the episode were inspired by him on the show.

Howard asked George if he has any special Cocktober announces. He said the doctor told him he made a remarkable recovery. Howard said he's going to be doing some great Cocktober stuff. Howard said they have more cock than George could ever dream about. Howard told him about a couple and said he'll get to see a couple of cocks today. Howard said they had some guys in there who sang for them. George asked if he knows a guy named Keith Heisler. George said he did an episode of ''Fresh off the Boat'' and he had something to do with it.

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