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I first traveled to the Phils 12 years ago for a stint of about five months.I told him "derecho, derecho," (meaning straight ahead on Ocampo), but he just kept turning.(In hindsight I think he was fixated on the hotel's proximity to Taft; unfortunately it's four blocks from Taft on Estrada, which is one-way the wrong way.) he led us on a wild goose chase all the way to Quirino, turned right on San Andres for one block, then right on Leon Guinto.Return trip between the same two points in a metered regular taxi was 112 pesos (plus tip). Surely in these days of cheap data and Google Maps or Waze getting lost is a far less frequent event?I'll often have issues finding an exact building on a street due to bad signage etc but getting within 100 m is pretty easy.

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