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Early in August, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu phoned his Mongolian counterpart to update him about the activities of the Gulen movement.Last month, Turkey’s Ambassador to Mongolia, Murat Karagoz, acknowledged that he officially notified the Mongolian authorities about the “upcoming danger” Gulenists posed to Mongolia and that he continues to warn the Mongolian people through the media.Mongolia, a landlocked and impoverished country of 3 million people, is allegedly bracing to shut down schools that taught Science and English to their kids for two decades, at the request of Turkey.The schools are part of a vast global network of a U.After Chinggis Khan’s death in 1227 two distinct political traditions emerged in the Mongol Empire, the collegial and the patrimonial, each representing the political and economic intere ...More This study provides a new interpretation of how political authority was conceived and transmitted in the Early Mongol Empire (1227–59) and its successor state in Iran, the Īlkhānate (1258–1335).The prevalence of hypertension was 27.47 % for Han population, 31.46 % for Mongolian population.The adjusted prevalence, awareness, treatment and control of hypertension were 26.45, 65.43, 78.24 and 48.28 % in Han, and 31.30, 68.22, 85.57 and 50.55 % in Mongolian, respectively.

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Han and Mongolian populations constitute approximately 96 % of the population of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the two ethnic groups have different genetic backgrounds and lifestyle.In democracies, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a hard time.In many poor and undemocratic countries, however, the Turkish government could successfully convince host nations to shut down schools and companies of the movement.He noted that there are, however, some highly qualified Turkish teachers who defied the odds and went to teach Mongolian children with only 0 salary.This speech by second-highest Turkish official just a decade ago is ironic, given that the incumbent Turkish ambassador in Mongolia is prodding Mongolian officials to shut down Turkish schools and companies.

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