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Some have dated behind our parents’ backs and moved far away from our cultural and religious roots, while others have abstained entirely and missed out on some important socialization.

Gone are the days when girls would strut in front of a man’s family, serve chai, and share a special talent to impress her possible in-laws.Right now, it’s an undeveloped, mostly-abandoned building with no signage located on a deserted street most known for its proximity to the Amish Market. It’s not the only option, but it’s the one that would ensure a harmonious relationship between my parents and myself.The only way you can even figure out which building belongs to the center is to look for the police car perpetually parked out front. As I get older, I’m realizing that making my parents happy is becoming more central to my own satisfaction—and sanity.Tall, lean, and sporting a soul patch I would have to remove later, Amir worked for the government and lived in the D. We bantered easily, exchanging printouts of our quick bios to scan and search for conversational topics. We both enjoyed arts and culture, and we loved city life.Under “Religious Views,” Amir had checked “liberal.” I was intrigued.

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