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She might just think that her actions are friendly and not realize that they’re coming off to you like she’s looking for a new man.

The reasons she’s so flirty I know seeing your girlfriend make googly eyes at the waiter might make you want to throw a brick through the window, but just relax a little!

One way to reduce this is to make sure she’s feeling confident. [Read: 12 things men do that make women insecure in relationships] #3 She just wants the attention. [Read: 12 essential flirting tips every guy needs to know! Some girls like to see that their man cares about them.

One way they can do this is by making them jealous.

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I know a lot of girls *myself included* who really are just trying to be polite, but for whatever reason, it comes across as flirting instead. Maybe she has a personality that just seems more flirtatious than others.[Read: 10 steps to reignite the lost spark in a relationship] An overly flirtatious girlfriend can cause quite a few problems in a relationship.Before you get too upset about it, think about these possible reasons she flirts with other guys, and what you may be able to do to curb her flirting.To some women, jealousy means that you care enough about them to get upset by the sight or thought of them with someone else.If you’re not very verbal about how much you care about her, she might be flirting to see just how much you actually do care.

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