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The final reason dogs may bark when they need to respond to other dogs.

For any dog owner, the barking is unquestionably a familiar scenario, especially when all the dogs in the same neighborhood start to bark at the same time.

When it comes to dog selection, the decision that a potential dog owner is required to make should rely on imperative factors such as the time he or she will allocate to the dog.

Other factors include the financial commitments required in nurturing a dog and the grooming requirements involved.

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Since this breed is not a downright non-barking dog, the Basenji breed will undeniably let out a bark once in a while, especially if there is another dog in the house that barks.The third reasons why dogs will bark is due to anxiety.When most dogs become anxious, they tend to bark so as to self-soothe themselves with a high pitched bark that is sometimes followed whining.Through barking, dogs are not only able to communicate with humans but they are also able to express themselves accordingly.Though from time to time they may also use other forms such whining and growling like a form of communication.

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