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I’d sit in the trains an hour each way, and the billboards would flash by like a movie.You’d look out the window, and the billboards were like bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.He is an acclaimed photographer known for portraits, landscapes and headshots and operates the studio Shadow Works. It’s sort of an odyssey to go on this journey with someone.I know it’s uncomfortable, and it feels like you have to do something, but the more I can get someone to just be there and not feel like they have to do anything, the more interesting the shot is.” Stevenson was married to actress Kirstie Alley from December 1983 until they divorced in 1997.Parker Stevenson: The only photographer that I felt really shot me well was Herb Ritts, and he shot me a couple of times.

Parker Stevenson: I love shooting digitally now because from the very beginning all the way to the finished print … I have one printer I love that I use for oversized prints.Melissa Parker (): Do you enjoy architectural photography as well as shooting headshots and landscapes?Parker Stevenson: Well, I did that a lot for years.There will be moments when the person is really there and accessible, and there’s a grace and a beauty about it.It doesn’t matter if they’re pretty or not or handsome or not. Melissa Parker (): Do you do your own post processing? I did for years when I was shooting black and white.

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