Policy on dating coworkers

Policies should address what constitutes inappropriate behaviour (for example, vindictive acts if the relationship ends) and any rules regarding managers dating subordinates.They should also indicate what action will be taken if a problem arises.“I told them, ‘I’m going to be dating her, so let’s work something out where it doesn’t interfere with our jobs,’” he says.“I had a feeling the manager was going to tell me not to date her.

"We took things slowly because we were both very aware that we worked in the same office," she remembers.

“Thirty years ago, when I started working, romances were strongly discouraged at work and had to be secret.” In many workplaces, such attitudes are today viewed as fussily out of date, she says.

“Young people now would laugh if someone told them that their company prohibited relationships with co-workers.” In her research, Cole set out to examine how younger employees perceive mixing love and work.

Cole suggests asking the dating staffers whether one of them would like to change departments.

She cautions, however, that “it would not go over well if one of the two were forced to work somewhere else.” Things get dicier when the dating colleagues have unequal power.

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