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Pansexuals aren't more likely to be promiscuous or unfaithful than anyone else.

Just because we are attracted to all kinds of people, it doesn’t mean we're attracted to ALL people.

Yes, the rise of awareness of the term can be attributed to the likes of Tumblr, but in no way does this diminish its meaning.

Pansexual was reclaimed in the Nineties by people who wish to indicate their recognition of the fluidity of gender, and their belief that there are more than two genders.

This isn't something that I've committed myself to – it's just who I am.

I have the ability to form connections with people because of their character and personality and who they are at their core, and for those things alone.

As years passed, my knowledge expanded, and I discovered the many different gender identities on the spectrum.

Pansexuality soon entered my vocabulary, and it has stayed with me ever since.

I finally felt as though I had a word for how I felt.Rather, it is a spectrum, and there are many sexualities between heterosexual and homosexual.Being pansexual doesn't mean that I'm yet to make a choice about whether I am gay or straight, but instead it means that I'm not restricted in choice of partner because of a person's gender or sex.We’ve employed this process into our everyday communication and we’ve found it extremely helpful so hopefully you all will as well.This will be a long one so I hope you all stick with me to the end~First a quote: “Couples are able to create stronger relationships by first becoming more aware of just how deeply interconnected they are.

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