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In 2016, singer Lady Gaga's sister Natali designed Zomby Gaga for the Monster High franchise as a partnership with the Born This Way Foundation.In researching the look, the Sander brothers went shopping with girls and noted they were buying goth fashion items such as skulls, chains, and black.On school days she typically wears a seifuku coupled with a tie, gingham pattern and monochrome platforms. Clawdeen Wolf (voiced by Salli Saffioti) is the daughter of the Werewolf.She is 15 years old and has a large family; two of her siblings Clawd and Howleen are currently studying in Monster High with her, and her older sister Clawdia has graduated and is a working adult.She has the best fashion sense in school, and aspires to be a star fashion designer.

Apart from being kind and generous, she is very optimistic and never gives up in the face of adversity.Partners: The Croatian beauty was said to have had an on-off relationship with Hollywood star George Clooney (left) since 2007.She is now reported to have gone on a date with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York (right) Date: Miss Jakisic and Prince Andrew are believed to have celebrated his 54th birthday in Cecconi (pictured), an Italian restaurant in Mayfair.While her profile lists her as 3,357 years old, Cleo is portrayed as a beautiful auburn-skinned girl with rich black hair and gold highlights.Her top and bottoms are the residue of her Egyptian Mummy bandages, which she adds style to with glittery blue stripes and bandage ribbons. Cleo's most distinguishing characteristic is her blue rhinestone tiara and large gold earrings, a sure sign of her royal heritage.

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