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CSS enables you to do in seconds what would take hours to do in HTML.Learning, creating, and working with CSS doesn't require much.Ideally, you will be using linked styled sheets when you finish this tutorial.The only time you may be using embedded CSS is if you would like to change an individual link or text, or have a one or two page web site.The term 'Content' refers to the website you are using in conjunction with the Service.We at x19 Limited respect the privacy of our visitors and are committed to preserving your online safety by preserving your privacy at anytime you visit or communicate with our site.Each browser is different and they see things differently.

If you'd like to make a change to your design, instead of having to change hundreds of web pages on your site, you can make one simple change to the CSS file, and it will automatically update all of the pages on your web site.They can also be used to create a template like style sheet (stored within a separate file) that can be used throughout your web site.You can simply link to your style sheet within each of your web pages and have the ability to update the styles for your entire web site with just one file. When it comes to the Internet, there are really only two elements: Content and the way that content is presented.If you will have more than that, however, a linked style sheet is definitely the way to go.CSS can be used in three different ways:, which further instructs the browser. Although this may sound a little confusing, CSS is formatted much like standard HTML.

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