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So if you're going to create an addition to your life, it should be about love.

ESQ: You're probably impossible to make happy, am I right? You can pay for your own life, you can have children on your own, basically do whatever you want on your own.

If women are going to prostitute themselves, men should as well. And eighteen-year-old women should demand satisfaction from their men.

RM: Equal opportunities for everyone on the planet.

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I'm endowing you with an innocent childhood nudity. RM: Did you know that in China babies don't wear diapers? And with one major cult horror flick in the books (“Pitch Black”) and two more on the way, she should at least have no trouble gaining a big cult following while she waits for her turn.Born in 1973 in Melbourne, Australia, Radha started acting while in high school.After graduation, the youngster tried her hand both on stage and on the small screen, and before long, she was appearing in Aussie-produced films like “Sleeping Beauties” and “High Art,” both of which were filmed at the Sundance Film Festival.In 2000, Radha finally made the jump to the mainstream with a role in the Vin Diesel sci-fi/horror film “Pitch Black,” and the American public has been eating her up ever since.

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