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This new rule stipulates that women can only do so as a recreational activity as opposed to a mode of transportation.

Either way, it still sparks further hope for lifting the ban on driving cars.

Alternatively, they can hire a professional male driver.

However, the Saudi government is actively decreasing the number of foreign workers – currently over eight million – by firing and deporting some in an effort to decrease the unemployment rate for national Saudis.

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Yet for expat women who are used to driving, this is still a major obstacle.

Women must rely on their male relatives – husbands, brothers, fathers and even sons – to drive them.

It is also further incentive for the country to allow women to drive.When it comes to driving in Saudi Arabia, the usual rules apply, that is on paper. It is illegal to speed and to use a cell phone while driving. Unfortunately, Saudis don’t take the rules of the road very seriously.Nonetheless, as an expat, you want to follow the rules as getting caught and thrown into jail is just not worth it.Driving in Saudi Arabia is thrilling for some and frustrating for others.Our Inter Nations guide introduces you to the basics of driving in Saudi Arabia and covers road infrastructure, safety concerns, purchasing a car and the notorious ban on women behind the wheel.

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