Secret dating black book a must read

And while the way we read may have changed dramatically over the years, thanks to Kindles, i Pads and smartphones, the fact is reading is still one of our very favourite things to do.

Tragic, irresistible and, possibly, the perfect novel. What follows is a study in jealousy, passion and loyalty.

If you like your romance with a large helping of tragedy, this is for you. Loved by Angel, chased by Alec, her life begins a downward spiral from which she desperately tries to escape.

Censored when originally published for shining a light on Victorian hypocrisy, it’s a heart-wrenching read.

Considered one of Britain’s best social satirists, after 200 years it hasn’t lost any of its popularity.

(And, of course, Austen created one of the most infuriatingly attractive men in literature: Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy.) We’ve raved about this before and will rave about it again because it really is The Perfect Summer Read.

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