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According to Jane Brunt, DVM, Executive Director of the CATalyst Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cat welfare and well being, cats should be trained to travel."The more your cat is conditioned to travel, the better," she says.Cece Nash began her career as a writer, editor and graphic designer for Gannett Co. She has edited for health magazines and business-to-business publications, and her work has appeared on websites such as Modern Mom, Red Envelope and Nash earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from the University of Iowa.In addition, your cat needs to visit the vet on a regular basis, so getting her used to travel is helpful.

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Warm days can quickly heat up a car to dangerous temperatures, while cold causes hypothermia just as fast. Ask whether your cat can travel with you or if it must travel in the cargo area.Do this especially if the carrier is going in cargo hold.The Cat Wellness News website and ASPCA recommend pasting a photo of your animal on the carrier in case your cat escapes at some point.You will also need these when boarding an airplane. Hotels that accept cats are less plentiful than those allowing dogs.Search hotel websites, call area pet shelters or visit animal-oriented associations to find cat-friendly locations.

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