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Might be they are just friend but such young boy and girl never ever be just only friends.May be he pretend her being a friend, but sure he love her. No doubt he is a great guy, doesn’t matter he is in love with her or not.Further it looks that Selena Gomez can be called as the new David Henrie girlfriend or at least their fans think that they are getting together.It looks like she has been posting a lot of pictures of them both together over the time and their fans think that she would be great as David Henrie girlfriend and that they suit each other and should get together if they are not together still.Further it looks that Lucy Hale was David Henrie girlfriend in the past and she is the star of television series Pretty Little Liars, but things did not work out for them and she is really similar to Selena Gomez when it comes to her looks so maybe they could get together one day but not in the near future as a source stated.

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(CBS) [Alert: If you have not watched the series finale, just scroll down to see the pictures. ]During the final moments of How I Met Your Mother, a gray-haired Ted Mosby asked his kids for permission to date their Aunt Robin. The dark snapshot of Gomez in a beanie touching foreheads with a dude in a beanie is totally innocent — he's her former Wizards of Waverly Place co-star David Henrie.In 2015, he played the role of Lane, who is a valet and falls for Paul Blart's daughter, in the sequel Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, co-starred as London Busbee, older brother of the title character in the drama Little Boy, and he had a role in the indie biographical drama film Walt Before Mickey in which he plays Rudy Ising, who worked for Walt Disney.complexity in their relation was also reported from the time when they stared together.Thus it looks like the rumors about them being a couple are not true and he is single and the same source notes that even if someday she would become known as David Henrie girlfriend this would be a big surprise not only for the media but also for them both, because they are strictly platonic and nothing more.Further it looks like Selena would like to find someone special for David instead of being that someone special, because the source noted that she is always looking for a potential David Henrie girlfriend that would suit him and be good for him and she must know what he likes, because they are so close as friends they must share their thoughts about people.

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