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Garrett said Tuck, a Democrat, advised her to use certain language in the letter, including asking that the issue be shared with Westlake "privately so no one is embarrassed or damaged." She went public with her concerns later, when she said no one followed up with her about the letter.Tuck cited confidentiality concerns when The Associated Press asked him about the case last month.A new member is expected to be appointed to the House this month to replace Dean Westlake, the freshman Democrat who resigned.

She wants the investigation before she agrees to training.

Gabrielle Le Doux, adopted the new training amid a focus on sexual harassment and misconduct in workplaces around the U. A legislative ethics committee also mandated the training for this year after the Legislature's top attorney called it a "matter of risk management." Members who don't comply could face an ethics complaint.

Meyer, a Republican who has served in both the House and Senate, said he has not seen any problems.

There must be a clear policy going forward, she said, "but we also can't forget what already happened." In a March letter to House Speaker Bryce Edgmon and House Majority Leader Chris Tuck, former legislative aide Olivia Garrett alleged misconduct by Westlake at two work-related events.

At one, she said he grabbed her and said her hair "turned him on," and at the other, that he grabbed her buttocks.

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