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Because of her dense nature, she's unaware that several boys are interested in her, including Hachiken.

As the only child of the Mikage family, she was being groomed by her family to inherit their family farm, though in reality wanted to explore a horse-related career.

Be prepared to get involved in the conversation, read the news, read books, learn as much as you can and you’ll have a better chance of fitting in. Don’t just tell them what you think they want to hear.

If you think the rich should be doing more to help the poor let them know, they’ve been hearing the other side of the story everyday of their lives and it’s probably a little old for them.

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Because inns did not have anything as luxurious as spoons for their guests, innkeepers expected their well-heeled customers to supply their own.You do need to educate yourself for their circles, but that doesn’t mean compromising yourself.As the oldest type of flatware, spoons have existed in some form or another since Ancient Rome, at least.She is also a member of their Equestrian Club and the reluctant heir of the Mikage family farm.Aki is a kind but non-intellectual type; she is poor in both sensing what others around her are feeling and in academics (especially history), but as she loves horses, she shows great focus and aptitude in horseback riding and horse-related subjects.

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