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Google doesn't seem to help besides sending it off for repair which I'm pretty close to doing. Hi, I had the same problem and tried everything (inserted a new sim, cleaned the partition cache, read endless posts, etc...) Now I have installed this free App called "Bluetooth connect & Play" (I'm not related to this App in any way) and since then, I don't get any reboots My guess is that there is something wrong with the Bluetooth software in the S4. I have had this problem with my galaxy s4 and I only had it for 3 months.

"applying pressure where the SIM/SD Card reader RIBBON is what makes the fix work, not the SIM card tray itself...Google doesn't seem to help besides sending it off for repair which I'm pretty close to doing. What did WORK was the following: -I folded a small piece of paper multiple times And placed it to the left of the flash on the back of the phone then put the cover on. I have not had the issue for 2 days now, compared to 5 times daily.This is definitely a hardware issue Found the solution to this issue as I was having it also and it worked like a charm.When the new Sims card was acting up in the phone I realized the card wasn't the problem it was the phone.I called AT&T they said it was a system hardware problem and the sent a new s4 out and the old Sims card been working perfectly fine with the new phone.

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