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You may be better off signing up with a general singles dating site, such as and e If you check e Harmony, you'll find that it's geared exclusively toward long-term relationships rather than short-term hookups.The sign-up process for this site is also free and similarly uncomplicated.In the sign-up process, you supply your gender, email address, and a few particulars as to what you are looking for in a partner (gender and disability, if any).Another strategy is to join a singles site designed for a general audience.Visually Impaired is a dating site directed to the needs of blind singles.lets you specify which kind of relationship you're interested in.The two largest dating sites for singles interested in long-term relationships are and e Harmony.

Two more sites are for singles who are disabled that may prove helpful.

They thought right on some parts but wrong on some parts about America. Most international women come from developed countries feel regret when they migrate to the US.

Foreign single women from poor countries admitted that they made the right decision to migrate here.

During the sign-up process, you can state that you are visually impaired.

Disabled Singles is a site with the same aims and sign-up process as Disabled, and it may even be managed by the same company. The sign-up process is identical to that for Disabled

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