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Ads will stay live for a month or so (or three) and then they'll come down unless you notify us otherwise.

30 miles on engine rebuild by Classic Bike Experience, Essex, VT.

Three phase high output alternator and reg/rectifier.

12v alternator conversion plus dynamo and regulator included.

That's a Triumph, but my 37 New Imperial needs one too. Please call Rick on 07940 115802 I am looking for a BSA Bantam Bushman, either a D14 bushman, D13 Bushman, or a B175 Bushman.

Am willing to travel to collect and will pay cash for the right bike/bikes.

Graham of Tulsa, Oklahoma) and the many pages available at the 'Doxford Engine Friends Association' website, available through this page. , signal letters (as Ellen Jensen) NFRJ, accommodation for 3 passengers.

I do not know the name of the business when it was first established - maybe just 'William Doxford'?

Comes with the latest DVLA V5C registration document. There really isn't a whole lot happening, and prices are all over the place. So just be patient, if you will, and keep checking. Just send us a decent snap or two plus the relevant details and we'll handle the rest. Matching engine and frame numbers, original paint and chrome, unmolested. Built from Norton parts, featherbed frame and short Roadholder forks.

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