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And since I always want to feel smart, spiritually powerful and fun (not to mention young) I visit the site fairly often to listen to the most recent speeches. This talk helped me understand the way God sends revelation and just the title reminds me to never give up on the Lord. You Were Born to Lead, You Were Born for Glory Sheri L. I was surprised to find we were already friends– I just hadn’t translated Phoebe Romney- a girl I’d known and loved for years to her married name– Phoebe Cook.

An interesting feature on the sidebar of edu is the MOST VIEWED speeches in the upper right corner.

After Adam returns to Oxford University, Manda tries to explain her son's hostility by saying he is over-protective.

Hopefully you’ve all heard a speech that made you sit up straight, listen intently and fumble for a piece of paper, any scrap of paper to take notes. This reassuring talk teaches you to look forward and have faith. Faith to Forgive Grievous Harms: Accepting the Atonement as Restitution James R. You might not see this on the ‘most listened’ lists, but this beautiful talk changed my life. For some reason this talk isn’t on the site anymore, but when I first discovered BYU Speeches I listened to it nearly every day for a year.

Maybe it’s been in General Conference, in Sacrament Meeting or at another event? If you’ve been severely hurt by someone else’s sins, this talk will help you understand the atonement in a new way. If you’re going through something difficult in your life, this talk offers understanding and healing.

When the secret is revealed, Minty is angry with her for not telling him, as he was once married to Heather.

They make up, but then Manda finds out that Minty has been hiding Sam Mitchell (Danniella Westbrook), a fugitive, from the police.

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    28 pages (pdf - formatting: )Discuss this script on the Discussion Board The Bunyip by Jon Garland (wordartisian)(Short, Drama) - A daughter's strange behaviour after the loss of her father is a concern for her mother.