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I have compiled a list of movies that are misleading to swingers, based on either a misleading plot or a misleading name, or Read More backdraft, Cinderella Man, dating, Failure To Launch, freddy got fingered, Free Willy, Grease, Live Free Or Die Hard, movie reviews, salt, Snakes on a plane, Snatch, swingers, swinging, The Banger Sisters, The Ghost And The Darkness, the lifestyle, The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, Thongs & Perfect Snogging, unicorns, Whip It, XXX swing Life Ever been on a swingers dating site and read “Ken and Barbie”? My mother and Aunt would always collect Barbie dolls, they have quite the collection.

I always wanted to pretend that these dolls would have a fun swinger party, I was even contemplating shooting a parody video……is until I did some digging…….

In fact, you may not identify someone who swings just by their looks or character.

Swingers are everywhere and some are even married or very prominent people in the society.

Basically, this is a decently serviceable site, but it’s not up to the par that we’ve come to expect from the online swinging community after good experiences with the sites on our Top 5 list of best swinging sites.

It’s not a bad site by any means, but it does have a lot of problems that we think could be easily avoided, and aren’t.

is Swing Life Style any good, is Swing Life Style for real, is Swing Life Style legit, online swinger dating sites, scam swinger dating sites, sites like Swing Life Style, Swing Life Style comparison, Swing Life Style ratings, Swing Life Style review, Swing Life Style scam, worst swinger dating sites Let’s get this out of the way: we really struggled with moving Swing Life to the negative list.However, we can’t in good conscience recommend a site that is so heavily biased against one big portion of the swing population.Not that this is the fault of Swing Life Style.com, but it’s possible that they aren’t marketing aggressively enough to that portion of the community.We actually had a really good time on this site; the design is great (although it looks kind of tacky), and the matching system was pretty good for what we wanted.There are also a lot of couples on this website, although not nearly as many as on our favorite swinging website, Swinger

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