Swtor consolidating servers

Personally, my biggest issue was having to change my character’s name.I had very personal reasons for choosing my character names, and I really take pride in role-playing each of them around specific backstories.Prior to consolidation I was on a moderately populated server and was getting around 30 frames per second regularly – and was happy with it.I would typically only see about 30-50 other people online when I played, so I was very nervous when I learned population size would be increasing.In what may be the part of the server upgrade where the biggest changes were felt, daily quests have become overcrowded, especially when trying to pick up certain quest items.This gets frustrating when you find yourself “waiting in line” for an item to respawn, but, fortunately the experience isn’t too bad; yet.

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Speaking of increased server population, I wanted to give Bio Ware some major praise for how the server consolidation has transpired.

This could become a problem, and I hope Bio Ware addresses it in future patches.

With new players coming to the game, if they have to suffer through frustrating periods of waiting for items to spawn, they risk losing them to other games.

This has some players (particularly those on the west coast) a bit miffed, seeing as how this will immediately affect ping, latency, and how far you have to drive to manually wipe characters off of your server in a fit of rage.

The good news is that the developers aware that this change will affect performance and are hoping to be able to smooth things out over the next two weeks.

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