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Redford might be attracted to women, but he certainly doesn't belong to the celebs who don't ping; his roles, his malcontent, his grouch, his loneliness, his problems, so complicated, his work and art is very important to him.

I'm the one who first posted about the Newman/Cruise pairing.

But you will never convince me that Stephen Dorff's reputation as a horndog for the pussy is all fake. R187 Redford did have a strange relationship with Sydney Pollack The rumor there thiough was that Pollack was in love with him and closeted and Redford just used him to direct his films and do his bidding.

(like when he wanted to change the ending of The Way We Were to his character leaving Streisand instead of vice versa)R132 I don't think that one was kept much of a secret.

They're one of my favorite old Hollywood stories.r113 Leo is a fan of hip hop/dance music. Eventually MS realized that he was just being used, so that was the end of that.[quote]Olivier supposedly had an affair with an older stage actor when he was young.

He loves it and if you watched Wolf Of Wall Street you'll see Leo bust some moves that he used to do as a kid. I'm blanking on the guy's name There were a few, but the most well-known was Henry Ainley, who was 57 when he starred in the film version of As You Like It with the then 30-year-old Laurence.

Danny Kaye and Laurence Olivier were pretty much secretly married for 12 years.

He still pops up on Nick's twitter from time to time, lovely bloke. Hasn't Grim been knocking off one of the more demanding One D. They should have had good gossip sources of back then.She was in the relationship because she was a songwriter in an era where women songwriters weren't taken seriously and she was his ticket to professional success. Michael was gaga over SD at the time when Dorff committed to making "SFW?Their daughter vehemently denies all of this, of course, and actually tried to block the film version of "The Celluloid Closet" from including any footage of her father's performances, lest it out her father. He was famous in his own lifetime for playing sexually ambiguous/ambivalent characters for laughs. " and in fact Dorff really milked Michael's crush on him for all it was worth.I got it from a drunken agent who claimed an actor who he'd represented was on The Color of Money set and overheard Cruise sobbing to his make-up person about it. A week before the movie wrapped Cruise asked Newman about where they could meet up.Cruise was getting into the racing car circuit because of Newman.

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