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Laugh about something awkward, and tell your partner you don’t like talking about someone if it makes you feel uncomfortable. It can seem scary, but these are just precautions of dirty talking in bed that we should all be aware of.

After all, you can’t just talk about your boyfriend’s brother or father in bed all the time.

At times, a few crude words might slip out, which gets you higher on testosterone.

Once your desirous hormones calm down, the haze clears out and your mind snaps back to reality, and the same words hit you like a recoil.

Click here to read the introduction on how to talk dirty in bed, along with dirty talk examples and seduction tips on dirty talking in bed.

Dirty talking in bed Once you’ve learnt about dirty talking in bed in the introduction, you can see that it can have a huge positive effect on your sexual life.

But come on, now really, would you want to see that in reality?But hey, if you can think about having sex with someone in your mind, isn’t that just as wrong? You can’t understand much but it’s the low voice of your partner that seduces you to listen harder. Very soon, you’ve got your dirty talking taking over you, and you begin to imagine a friend, or a stranger satisfying you more than your partner! ] Dirty talking in bed always starts off on a low key.And won’t the guilt just build up over the weeks, months or even years? Dirty talking in bed about someone else seduces you softly and subtly, and you wouldn’t even realize that you’re being trapped in another world, a world that satisfies you more than your partner at times.It’s this thought that fluctuates in your mind, every now and then, even as you’re locked in a serpentine coil with your partner.There is a thin line that can turn that lusty feeling into a really ugly one.

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