Terminal accommodating chamber

I have also tried to make the book as near as possible to being enjoyable to read.

The resulting tone may possibly irritate some serious professionals.

I very much hope not, because serious professionals are the primary audience to whom I wish to speak.

It is as impossible to please everybody in literary style as it is in any other matter of taste, and styles that give the most positive pleasure to some people are often the most annoying to others.

Born in Nairobi of British parents, Richard Dawkins was educated at Oxford and did his doctorate under the Nobel prize-winning ethologist Niko Tinbergen.Some laypeople who read this book in draft have been kind enough, or polite enough, to claim to have liked it.It would give me great satisfaction to believe them, and I have added a glossary of technical terms which I hope may help.A book inevitably reflects the current preoccupations of the author, and these preoccupations are likely to have been among the topics of his most recent papers.When those papers are so recent that it would be an artificial contrivance to change the words, I have not hesitated to reproduce a paragraph almost verbatim here and there.

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