The dating of food vessels and urns in ireland rocsi dating 2016

Two contrasting burial types are now visible, one traditional and centred on megalithic tombs mainly in the north of the island.The other focussed on simpler single graves mainly in the south.What is emerging are two different views of burial, one looking to past traditions, the other making a new statement, but both using the international style of beaker pottery. Charles Mount has been involved in research on the Irish Bronze Age for more than twenty years and has published extensively on the burials, monuments and artefacts of the period. Further reading Waddell 1998 is an excellent introduction to the prehistory of Ireland which summarises many of the themes and sites discussed here.

It is the roughly three hundred years when beaker appeared in burials between 2450-2170 cal BC that I will refer to as the beaker period.To this we can now add burials with beaker in pits and without beaker in stone cists.Old Megalithic tombs In the Beaker period people in the north of the island placed burials accompanied by beaker pottery into megalithic tombs which were already very old monuments.The megalithic tombs continued a long tradition of collective burial of both burnt and unburnt remains and the deposition of whole pottery vessels that may have contained organic materials.In contrast pit burials were single graves with only small amounts of cremated bone accompanied by broken artefacts.

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